Acorn Associates

Tracy Prentice

Tracy Prentice


Tracy Prentice is the founder of Acorn Associates, a coaching, consultancy and leadership training company that partner with individuals, groups and organisations.

Tracy is an intuitive coach, a calming influence in a crisis and a playful and engaging leader. She likes to challenge the status quo (which has often got her into trouble!), loves to find new ways of doing things and empowers individuals to be their very best selves.

Tracy is also passionate about growth and development. It was this passion that inspired the company name ‘Acorn Associates’. Just as every oak tree started out as a tiny seed; an acorn, Tracy believes that within us, we all have the capacity to grow and develop into mighty trees. Your tree will be rooted in a different time or place, yet we all have the ability to be more than we are right now, if we choose.

At Acorn Associates we want to encourage you to dream, to believe in your potential and wonder at what is possible. After all, if you are not growing you are not really living.

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What we stand for

As a management consulting, coaching and leadership development company, we advise and coach public sector leaders, local government and the health service.

Our Mission

Empowering Individual’s globally.


Our Values

We operate by the following guiding Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Challenge, Growth and Connection.

Our Vision

Growing you to your full potential.

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