Do you:

  • Find yourself at a crossroads, not knowing which way to turn?
  • Find yourself at a transition in your career?
  • Feel like you don’t fit in?
  • Feel tired, stressed and overworked most of the time?
  • Feel anxious about how to cope with change?
  • Struggle to find meaning in your life and long to have a sense of purpose?
  • Want to find your way?

Just as the acorn contains the mighty oak tree,
the Self has everything it needs to fulfill its destiny.
When the inner conditions are right, it naturally emerges.

Derek Rydall

If you have said yes to any of the above, then having the guidance and support of a coach is essential. At Acorn Associates we support professional men and women and established business owners navigate their way through change. Whilst we support you with the situational life changes, we also help with the inner change that is so necessary as you make sense of the outer changes; all with a heart-based approach.

You can’t change what’s going on around you until you start changing what’s going on within you – Unknown

Why are we passionate about this?

Life is a journey that takes many twists and turns. Our associates have worked in the public, private, third sector and in independent capacities. It’s important to us to lead by example and that means walking our talk.

We will help you:

  • Find out what you care about/what lights you up
  • Formulate new goals
  • Face your biggest fears and achieve your biggest dreams
  • Turn your vision into a reality
  • Explore life choices and options for the future
  • Build your confidence
  • Come to terms with significant change

Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until YOU GROW into the person who can. – Unknown

We do this by going on a journey of discovery with you; raising your level of awareness to make new life-changing choices, empowering you to find the answers that are already within you, discovering a fresh perspective on a current situation, examining the beliefs that are driving your behavior and holding you accountable for your actions.

We can’t promise that every session will be comfortable; change isn’t always easy, but we can promise you that the sessions will be fun, playful, engaging, energising and at times challenging. We are 100% committed to your growth and development.  When you lose faith, we’ll be there cheering you on, supporting you from the sidelines and continuing to believe in you when your belief in yourself waivers.

What we don’t do on this journey of discovery with you.

You might wonder why we have put in a section like this – surely we will do whatever we can? Well yes, however, there are some services that are better accessed elsewhere e.g. marriage guidance counselling, career counselling. Our coaching is about the whole of you and getting you to be the best version of yourself rather than coaching to decide specifically on your next job, or repairing your marriage. Relationships and new roles may well be covered in our sessions as part of the holistic approach, however, we don’t provide specific counseling or therapy.

Training, qualifications and experience

Tracy became fascinated by the human mind and behavior when she embarked on an undergraduate degree in Psychology. After attending various courses, she found her passion in coaching and completed her training with the Coaches Training Institute, which is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).   Tracy complies with the ICF code of ethics and holds full professional insurance.

Tracy is an Associate Coach at Cozendo, a company that supports leadership development in the UK public sector and Charis Coaching, a social enterprise that supports a holistic approach to gender equality.

Tracy fully commits to her own personal development.  She works with a coach and a mentor and maintains her skills and knowledge through continuing professional development. We ensure that all associates of the company have a similar ethos and ethics to the founder; this ensures an honest, authentic coaching relationship is developed between yourself and any of the Acorn Associates.

How do I get started?

The beginning is always the hardest; and taking that first step into coaching can be daunting for some, especially if it isn’t something that you have tried before. For that reason, we offer all new clients a personal, FREE 1-hour coaching consultation over Skype or phone. This session is useful in helping you understand more about the partnership you will build with your coach, discuss your aspirations/goals and answer any questions you may have. This initial session will also help you experience coaching as a taster session, leaving you wanting more.

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