Success Stories

I found the experience quite cathartic as well as confidence-building.

I approached Tracy because I was leaving full-time work and was anxious about how I would cope with the change and find new challenges to replace those I would be leaving behind.

Tracy helped me by thoroughly examining my motivation and goals and building up my capacity to look to the future with optimism and confidence rather than anxiety and trepidation.

The result was that the transition to a busy post-retirement life has been achieved without stress and I am enjoying a full and challenging life.

One thing I liked was the approach; based on a searching set of questions about the type of lifestyle that would work well for me and options for making that happen in reality. I would recommend coaching with Tracy to people who need help coming to terms with significant changes in the direction of their life, particularly if that results from retirement or other change in employment status.

Peter Murphy

Tracy has the ability to work with you and delve more deeply into a problem

I was interested in how ready I was to make some changes in my professional life.  I had been a bit jaded and stale and was looking forward to spending some time on self-reflection, as there is often limited time to do that.

I didn’t have any reservations in working with Tracy and knew I would only get out what I was prepared to put in.  It was useful to have a number of sessions as it allowed trust to develop. What surprised me was how Tracy could stop me (rambling) and take me back to something I’d said 10 minutes previously and spend a bit of time exploring that.  Tracy has the ability to work with you and delve more deeply into a problem, rather than thinking about it on a superficial level.

The best result I got out of our sessions was taking a calculated risk and putting myself forward for a new challenge when I had been thinking about retreating back into my comfort zone.

Lynne Harris

Being open and trusting of Tracy allowed us to get results. 

Coaching was something I’d never thought of before, so I wasn’t sure quite what to expect, certainly I was a bit apprehensive about it, mental images of the psychiatrist couch came to mind, but I decided “in for a penny”, and in hindsight that was the best approach – being open and trusting of Tracy allowed us to get results.  Not doing it face-to-face actually worked well, but you need to find a quiet space that allows you to give yourself over to the session.

Being honest, I’ve got more out of these sessions than I thought I would and Tracy has been willing to cover a whole lot of different areas, with her usual soft but probing, jovial but serious manner.

For me so far, the best result I’ve had out of this is learning about myself; being a bit more introspective, questioning my motives and responses will I hope continue to help me as it has already.  I’ve enjoyed the sessions and would recommend without hesitation, but……  you need to take part.

Grant Reid

Tracy listens in a non-judgmental way with compassion.

Before working with Tracy I was having a difficult time making decisions, I felt I was consistently putting myself into a worse scenario despite my efforts to improve my life. Looking back I feel as if I was running without knowing which direction the finish line was.

I had no reservations regarding working with Tracy. From the initial session, I knew it was a good fit. I was more concerned she would have reservations about working with me due to the overwhelming nature of the things that were happening in my life.

The process of working with Tracy has been an incredible experience. Tracy is very skilled at listening to what you think is the issue and then deciphering what the real issues are. Her ability to do this is incredible and key to the process as I was trying to fix and control the wrong things in my life, getting frustrated at not getting the results I wanted. As soon as Tracy had me pointing in the right direction so I could see the real issues, I was able to start working on them.

The result; I am less hard on myself, have a clearer thought process regarding my decisions and the actions required to get my desired result and I no longer allow a default emotional response to dictate my behaviour.

Simon Chambers

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